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Home Watch Service

What are we watching for? Evidence of water leaks in plumbing, walls, or ceiling, invasive pests, mold, storm damage, HVAC and issues with humidity, obvious swimming pool and roof issues, break-ins, vandalism, squatters, debris, mail build-up, and more. It is unsettling, to say the least, to be far away from your house or condominium and not have someone watching out for your best interests. In fact, some insurance companies will not honor claims if you don’t have someone watching the house every few days! Our goal is to know your home and to form a trusting, reliable, and consistent relationship with you by keeping you connected to the status and condition of your property —no matter where you are in the world.

The Home Watch Service consists of regular visits that include an in-depth checklist, visual inspection of the entire exterior and interior of the property and the running of water sources, among many other things. But it can also be broadened and highly customized to include emergency visits, special tasks, and an array of concierge services that are unique to your needs.

We recommend a visit frequency of once-per-week; but it can also be twice per week, or just twice per month based on your needs.

It is hard to quantify the value of having someone you can count on who is always within few minutes of your southeast Florida home and who can trouble shoot and communicate with you as needed.

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Our Services

Contractor Oversight and Repairs

Things break. Repairs are common. Repair people need to be called and gain access to your home. Post-hurricane or storm clean-up may be necessary.

Maybe you’re having renovation work done in your absence. Or perhaps you are not comfortable with cleaning people being alone in your home for two hours.

We can meet service people, contractors, and repair people at your home, provide access, and remain present to oversee them. If needed, we can send video updates and/or FaceTime with you.


If you would like to put a home project or large repair issue out to bid —and don’t have the ability to be present to get them —we can procure written estimates for you. We’ll help communicate your exact needs, expectations, style, and aesthetic.

If you don’t know who to call, we can provide information about contractors, designers, engineers, and architects.


We all know it’s not good to have a delivered item sitting out in front of your home for a lengthy period of time.

Maybe new furniture is coming and you need someone there to let them in and confirm the inventory; or a utility company has given a three hour window on their arrival time. We can be there.

Return and Departure Services

The thought of stocking the refrigerator, setting up the patio, and opening up the home in general, might not be very appealing to you after a long absence —or a long day of travel.  We can have the property ready the day that you arrive.  We can even arrange airport pick up.  If you’re leaving in a hurry, let us close up the home to your exact specifications.

Some property owners, in their absence, open up their home to house guests.  We can prepare the home for their stay, greet them upon arrival, give keys and instructions, and securely close up the home after their departure.

Hurricane Prep

Every home has a different checklist for preparing for a hurricane. This service is highly customized to the needs of your property. But the basics include overseeing the hurricane shutters going up if you don’t have impact windows, securing the exterior and/or moving anything indoors that can become a projectile, and possibly taking pictures or video before the storm hits to provide evidence of storm damage to your insurance carrier.

Post Hurricane Report/Clean-up Oversight

Naturally, most clients who are out-of-state during a storm will want a post hurricane report the minute that it is safe to travel. We will be there and communicate with you; FaceTime or take video for you or your insurance company, and oversee debris clean-up and repairs to the property.

Yacht Charters, Fishing Charters, and Recreational Activities

Whether you enjoy a pleasure cruise on a luxury motor vessel (“white boat”) or classic wooden Hinckley along the intracoastal, or having your hair blown back on a robust sailing yacht on the ocean, boat charters are an amazing way to spend an afternoon in Southeast Florida. Swim off the boat, dine, and raise a toast at sunset on one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world.

If you’d like to spend a morning catching Mahi-Mahi, Spanish Mackerel, Snook, or Snapper, let us arrange your charter in the fishing capitol of the world. Whatever your choice, we can arrange all the details.

Personal Chef/Catering

Entertaining at home? For those important small gatherings, you might want a personal chef. For larger dinners, we can arrange the service people you need from creative caterers to specialty companies that do custom themed on-location picnics or even a high-energy hibachi chef in your backyard.

Lifestyle Services

Life gets busy and you may not have the time to research and plan an important outing or fun lifestyle event.  We can help!

If you have a need for:

  • Custom photo shoots
  • Hair and make-up for a special event 
  • Spa party at home
  • Kid’s party Ideas

We can provide vendor recommendations —or plan, book, and organize the service for you.