What are Luxury Amenities in a Florida Home?

The most sought-after luxury amenities — those structural “extras” that buyers will pay more for — will certainly vary by region. Examples in colder climates may be radiant heat in the kitchen and bathroom floors, built-in outdoor fire pits, and heated driveways to prevent ice build-up. With new technologies in home-building (not to mention the re-imagining of how to maximize the use of an entire home during the COVID pandemic), the features that allow for year-round use make a real difference in the sale price in the Northeast, Northwest, and Midwest.
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In warm climates, we have different considerations and ideas about luxury perks that make a home more valuable.

Here are some amenities that command attention from buyers in the Southeastern United States.

Motorized Patio Screens

People entertain outdoors year-round in Florida and we cannot let mosquitos or no-see-’ems impinge on that. They are most prevalent in the Summer and early Fall, during the rainy season; and certainly in the late afternoon and early evening —just when you would be approaching the cocktail and dinner hours. Most homes have a patio of some kind and many of them are covered by a roof extension. Having motorized screens to put down with the push of a button give you the luxury of an open air environment and yet protects you from mosquitos.

Whole House Generators

Let’s face it, power outages have become an issue all over the world — especially (but not exclusively) during a storm or a hurricane. They happen for all sorts of reasons. In warm climates, having no power for an extended period of time is not only a grave inconvenience but a perfect scenario for mold to grow. Having the electricity for the entire house flip over to automatic generator power within a few seconds of an outage is an extreme luxury and very valuable.

Pools with Attached Spas

Given how common it is to have a pool in the backyard of a Florida home, it is a popular upgrade to have an attached spa with heated jets. And they don’t have to be big. But buyers want them; and many buyers expect them.

Hurricane Impact Windows

When you buy a home on the Southeast coast of the United States, with a mortgage, you will be required to get a “wind mitigation” test done as part of the inspection. The quality of the roof and windows are very important for getting insurance. A home that is outfitted with “impact windows” can sustain projectiles in a storm and is considered a valuable upgrade and also one that keeps insurance premiums down. Homes with hurricane shutters that have to be put up manually before a storm are considered less valuable.

Exotic and Colorful Perennials

Because it is warm year round and color is the order of the day in the South, flora and fauna in Florida are important. Palm trees, bougainvillea, orchids, and hibiscus are among some of the luxury plantings on sought-after homes.

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